About Us

AXON, was established as a company in June 2000 in order to meet the need for support and advice in telecommunications technology and ERP marketing by offering specialized advisory services.

Our Mission

Be a company committed to our customers, and with the development and technological innovation, using cutting-edge tools to meet the communication needs of our customers to integrate a whole range of solutions, and with this to exploit all the benefits of telecommunication time-distance.


Our goal is to integrate video, voice and data telecommunication services for Companies, Government, Health and Education Institutions, thereby increasing their operating expenses.

All this with the purpose of granting greater benefits, and solutions with a degree of impact for the operation of our clients.

200 + End Points Intalled
4000 + IP Extensions
50 + MCU, VCS, Gateways
100 + Managed Services
70 + Meeting Room

Our Services

AXON offers the most up-to-date and high-level technological solutions implemented by highly trained and certified personnel, enabling them to better manage and use information and resources.
IP Telephony
Switching & Routing
CCTV and Surveillance
Access Control Systems
Fire Detection Systems
Perimeter Security

Decisions related to telecommunications today are not of a technological nature but affect international and national competition in terms of global decisions being introduced, on the one hand, in local markets, forcing local companies to improve their competitiveness and expand and, on the other hand, On the other hand, they alter the relationships of daily life by changing the channels of communication between people and organizations. This confers a high strategic value to the Telecommunications thanks to the agility with which they reduce distances of the markets, the people and the organizations



Our experience and certifications to provide the experience and guarantee to your company or project.


Some of our clients.